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To provide student supplies for completing science projects in Biology and Anatomy & Physiology.

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FTBS-Classroom Supplies

Dixie Hollins High School 
Beth McCallister 
Students Impacted:
October 9, 2017


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Franklin Templeton Employees - $100.97


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 140

Dear Grant Investors,

I would like you to know that your grant helped numerous students this year!  Because of funding for this grant, ALL students were afforded an equal opportunity to be successful in the classroom.  

Each year, I have students who are low performers because they come from homes where finances are so low, they cannot afford to buy the student's basic classroom supplies.   Not only do these students face difficult situations outside of the classroom (because they come from temporary housing, shelters, foster homes, low-income homes, troubled homes, etc.), but they faced equally difficult circumstances with having no basic supplies.  No supplies meant not being able to complete even the simplest of tasks in the classroom.  Sadly in the past, I have had students come to me and explain that they couldn't get school supplies until the end of the month (when their parents paycheck would come in) or when a parent could go back to work or until the student themself could find a job.  I have had students with tears in their eyes ask for a piece of notebook paper because money had to go to help the family buy food and there was no money left.  

This year was different!  This year, my students had the ABILITY to start off on an even "playinig field" without worry of socio-economic reprecussions.  With a complete set of classroom scissors, glue sticks, index cards, graph paper, notebook paper, binders and colored pencils, these students did not have to worry about having these supplies.  They could complete assignments, have interactive notebooks and have the resources available to them to be successful!  They could actually come to school and temporarily forget about the economic troubles in their lives!

I know it might seem silly (especially at a high school level), but I truly saw students eyes lighting up and being excited about new colored pencils and not wanting to "ruin" them.  I saw them excited over chosing what handle color of the scissors they wanted (there were 4 colors of handles).  I saw them each having a glue stick to use for projects and notebooks.  I saw them being just like "other students" by being able to have a 3-ring notebook they could keep and not feeling left out.  I saw them at ease by having loose-leaf notebook paper and graph paper available to them whenever they needed it.  Just these few simple items created an atmosphere of equality.  It created a stress-free environment where learning could occur.

It might seem trivial, but small things can make a real difference.  This grant funding is evidence of that.  Because of your generosity, you have made a real difference in these students' lives.  I thank you but most importantly--THEY THANK YOU!  You HAVE made a difference!

Again, thank you for your investment in their lives!


Beth McCallister


Original Grant Overview


To provide student supplies for completing science projects in Biology and Anatomy & Physiology.  


What will be done with my students

We will use these supplies to buy consumable items that are used for models, interactive notebooks, student labs (colored pencils, markers, rulers, etc.), etc., as well as providing classroom essentials (paper, pencils/pens, highlighters, binders, folders, spiral notebooks) for underprivileged students and those in financial difficulties.  


Benefits to my students

To provide all students with an equal opportunity to succeed in the classroom by having the proper supplies. 


Describe the Students

I have a high number of students that are ESE, are low performers in the classroom and on tests as well as many ESOL students. Many of these students come from homes where finances prevent the continual replacing of students supplies. Some students don't have homes and live in temporary housing arrangements. These students start out as a disadvantage because they don't have the basic supplies they need in order to do the work needed for class. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 


Budget Narrative

This money will cover classroom essential supplies that need to be replaced throughout the school year as we work on daily projects, interactive notebooks and other essential tools for student use. 



# Item Cost
1 Jumbo Glue Sticks, 12 pack, 1 needed $14.76
2 Notebook Paper, wide ruled, 10 needed $15.99
3 Graph Paper, 4 needed $9.96
4 Colored Pencils, 12 needed $23.88
5 Index Cards, 10 needed $8.70
6 3-Ring Binders, 12 needed $16.70
7 Scissors, 1 packet of 12 needed $4.99
8 Highlighters, 1 pack of 5 needed $5.99
  Total: $100.97


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners