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The goal of this project will be for the students to research and learn how to build the highest performing computer that they can with a $1000.00 budget limit.

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Price vs. Performance

Countryside High School 
Daniel Smith 
Students Impacted:
September 22, 2016


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Raymond James Financial - $1,000.00


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The goal of this project will be for the students to research and learn how to build the highest performing computer that they can with a $1000.00 budget limit. 


What will be done with my students

In my classes we learn a lot about computers and all of the parts that make up a computer, but it is hard to get up-to-date resources that allow the students to take that knowledge and apply it. I believe that this project will help to cement some of the concepts that we are learning in class. I would use this grant to promote financial literacy to my students by having them create a financial proposal for a computer to build from scratch. They would need to research multiple websites that sell computer parts, use their knowledge from what we have learned in class on how to build a computer, and then decide on the best combination of parts to create the highest performing computer for the money. They will achieve this by comparing price versus performance of each of the parts that are needed to build a computer. Each student will create a financial proposal from their individual research that they will then present to the class. After all of the students have submitted and presented their proposals, the class will judge them and choose the one that they believe is the best. We will then purchase the parts and supplies to build the computer. We will divide into teams and build the computer from the parts that we have just purchased. When we are finished we will test the machine to see if it indeed has the performance that we predicted it would have. We will discuss all the ways in which we could improve the machine’s performance if we had more money to spend. We will then do a cost analysis between our machine and the name brand machines being sold by retailers to find out how much of a premium is added to the name brand computers with the same computing performance. Finally, we will use this new high performing machine to make better use of some of the Virtual Reality equipment that we have in class. 


Benefits to my students

The students will gain a deeper understanding of the course curriculum through hands-on lab activities while at the same time learning financials skills such as creating a financial proposal, working within a budget, being able to meet their desired goals under monetary constraints, and presenting and persuading others that their idea is the best.
The class will also benefit because we can use the parts to repeat the hands-on computer build. We will also have a computer to use in class that will have the resources to run some of the Virtual Reality applications that we would like to use in class which will help to further expand the scope of the class. 


Describe the Students

My students are a part of the Center for Computer Technologies magnet program. They come from diverse backgrounds. The program accepts students from many different school zones in Pinellas County. There are no academic requirements to be accepted into this magnet program and a lot of our students come in performing below level. The students want to be a part of the Center for Computer Technologies and they like to learn about computers which is why they applied to be in the program. While many of them have not achieved high academic performance in the past, this program gives them a chance to learn something that they are passionate about and this carries over into their other classes. This is shown through a higher than school average graduation rate from within the program when compared to students in the school’s general population. 


Budget Narrative

The students will ultimately decide what the money is spent on and how much will be used on each of the computer parts. These decisions will be made based on a price vs. performance matrix and then voted on by class. 



# Item Cost
1 CPU $200.00
2 Motherboard $200.00
3 RAM $100.00
4 Power Supply $80.00
5 Storage Device $120.00
6 Computer Case $100.00
7 Video Card $200.00
  Total: $1,000.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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