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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.




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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School Music ARTS- Music and Memory $1,008.62 10/14/21 12/17/21
Maximo Elementary School Music Keys to Success $1,499.90 10/14/21 11/15/21
Boca Ciega High School Art ARTS- Stage a Play $1,000.00 10/14/21
Orange Grove Elementary School Art Art Sculpture $1,000.00 10/13/21 11/30/21
Boca Ciega High School Art Arts - Thespian Competition $1,000.00 10/13/21
McMullen Booth Elementary School Stem JABIL Picture-Perfect STEM Extension Project $330.00 10/12/21
Seminole High School Music Arts! Tiny Details Make a HUGE Difference! $800.00 10/12/21
Brooker Creek Elementary School Music ARTS - Elementary Strings program $1,000.00 10/11/21
Westgate Elementary School Other Jabil - Mobile Makerspace Cart $935.99 10/08/21
Osceola Fundamental High School Art Stained Glass $1,000.00 10/08/21
Fairmount Park Elementary School Language Arts Stem Challenges $1,083.95 10/06/21
Perkins Elementary School Art Special Field Trip Admission cost $1,000.00 10/06/21 10/23/21
Boca Ciega High School Technology Circuit Playgrounds for AP Computer Science Principles $889.35 10/04/21
Gibbs High School Music ARTS Theatre Technology Initiative $1,000.00 9/30/21
St. Petersburg High School Language Arts Resurrect The Palmetto & Pine Student Newspaper! $600.00 9/29/21
Anona Elementary School Stem JABIL - "Say Watt?" - Learning about Circuits
funded grant
Frontier Elementary School Technology Jabil-Foundation of STEM $855.57 9/28/21
Richard L Sanders Stem Jabil - Cross Cutting Concepts through STEM Education for ESE Title-1 Students
funded grant
Tarpon Springs High School Music Legally Blonde: the Musical $5,000.00 9/27/21
Tarpon Springs High School Music ARTS- Jazz Clinician Ron Carter Teaches Jazz Style and Improvisation $1,000.00 9/27/21 11/01/21
Mildred Helms Elementary School Stem Jabil- Project STEM- Hands-On Learning
funded grant
Southern Oak Elementary School Stem Rig-A-Ma-Jig Me $3,865.00 9/26/21
Brooker Creek Elementary School Art ARTS: Murals and Mosaics
funded grant
Blanton Elementary School Art Arts - Expressive Technology using Paper Circuits
funded grant
Azalea Elementary School Stem Jabil - Celebrate Diversity in STREAM Replay $993.56 9/26/21
Azalea Elementary School Art ARTS - Celebrate Diversity in STREAM Replay
funded grant
San Jose Elementary School Music Arts - Risers For Performance $4,340.00 9/24/21 11/26/21
Azalea Middle School Music ARTS for a Musical Foundation
funded grant
High Point Elementary School Music ARTS- Rockin' the Ukulele $991.10 9/24/21
Fairmount Park Elementary School Special Needs Students Field Trips $500.00 9/24/21 11/01/21
High Point Elementary School Special Needs Students Jabil - Drones for Stem $1,000.00 9/23/21
Plumb Elementary School Music ARTS- instruments for every student $957.12 9/23/21
Plumb Elementary School Art ARTS - Gelli Plate Printmaking $457.83 9/23/21
John Hopkins Middle School Other ARTS Keeps us Dancing
funded grant
Seminole Middle School Other What if you couldn't buy anything with your money you earned? $850.40 9/17/21 1/31/22
Mildred Helms Elementary School Social Studies Hope for the Future! Sustainable Development Book Club
funded grant
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Language Arts Skanska – (Impacting Literacy Instruction)
funded grant
East Lake High School Technology Virtual Reality Developers for the Future (Introduction in the Classroom) $1,000.00 9/10/21
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Technology Jabil Future Engineers of America! $697.40 9/08/21
Midtown Academy Mathematics Easy-Access Math Manipulatives $495.00 9/05/21
Pinellas Central Elementary School Other Fantastic Flexible Seating $611.88 9/05/21
Midtown Academy Other Spark Student Motivation: Classroom Transformation $1,000.00 9/02/21
High Point Elementary School Special Needs Students Communicating with Assistive Technology $1,000.00 9/02/21
Midtown Academy Other First Grade Flexible Seating $565.59 9/01/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Encouraging Positive Behavior at Calvin $1,000.00 9/01/21
Midtown Academy Special Needs Students Squablling the Wiggles $484.00 8/31/21
Midtown Academy Language Arts Literacy Innovation with High Interest Leveled and Decodable Readers $522.47 8/31/21
Midtown Academy Health/P.E. RUN AROUND THE WORLD! $919.20 8/31/21
Midtown Academy Language Arts Classroom Library $500.00 8/30/21
Midtown Academy Other Flexible Seating in Fourth Grade! $510.53 8/30/21
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Health/P.E. Kids in Action!
funded grant
Eisenhower Elementary School Language Arts Helping students rescue their writing $799.00 8/29/21
Woodlawn Elementary Technology iPad chargers $23.98 8/23/21
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Headphones $1,225.00 8/23/21
Lakewood High School Language Arts "The Poet X" A Culturally Relevant Coming of Age Novel-in-Verse
funded grant
8/20/21 1/03/22
Frontier Elementary School Other Flexible seating $2,056.00 8/20/21
Fairmount Park Elementary School Stem JABIL - Watch Us Grow!
funded grant
Bay Point Middle School Other Bay Point Falcons On the Rise $2,000.00 8/16/21
Campbell Park Elementary School Health/P.E. Tossed into Education
funded grant
Gibbs High School Technology TestOut Virtual CCNA Training Labs $2,650.00 8/11/21
East Lake High School Technology Virtual Reality Developers for the Future $10,000.00 8/08/21
Hollins High School Language Arts Let Them See Their Names in Print!
funded grant
7/27/21 11/19/21
Bay Point Elementary School Language Arts Please Help Me Energize And Excite My Students About Learning
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "Are Viruses a Life Form?" - How the Unknown in Science Leads to Robust Learning Experiences
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science Pseudoscience vs Science - Debunking the Flat Earth "Theory" using Science Logic $387.50 7/15/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Mathematics "Why Can't Algebra be STEMulating?" Activities to Incease Learning in Algebra $575.00 7/15/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "The Amazing Properties of Water" - STEM/ESE Science
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "It's All About the Genes" - Genetics Exploration for High School ESE Science Students $945.00 7/15/21
Tyrone Middle School History Making better citizens $5,425.50 7/12/21
Mount Vernon Elementary School Technology Jabil -Rockin' Robots
funded grant
Oldsmar Elementary School Health/P.E. Growing our Bodies and Minds through Gardening and Hands On Experiences $550.00 6/09/21
Oldsmar Elementary School Special Needs Students Equalizing Education with Technology $831.64 6/08/21
Oldsmar Elementary School Stem Engaging and Exploring S.T.E.M in our Pre-K world $309.95 6/07/21
Azalea Middle School Science Jabil -Living Green @ Azalea Middle School- $899.50 4/28/21
Melrose Elementary School Mathematics Mighty Manatee Mathematicians $773.42 3/30/21
Southern Oak Elementary School Technology Jabil Generation Genius $995.00 3/11/21
Curlew Creek Elementary School Special Needs Students Help us build a sensory space $1,547.00 3/09/21
Blanton Elementary School Art Jabil -Expressive Technology using Paper Circuits $920.00 3/06/21
Southern Oak Elementary School Stem Jabil Osmo Coding Lab $2,152.00 2/24/21
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School Language Arts STUDENTS SAVE THE WORLD ONE BOOK AT A TIME
funded grant
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology Technology to Engage Learning $878.88 1/28/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Encouraging Positive Behavior at Calvin $500.00 1/19/21
Pinellas Park Elementary School Music Dry Erase & Music Writing $129.90 12/11/20
John M. Sexton Elementary School Health/P.E. Sembler - Physical Education Reimagined $2,500.00 12/07/20
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Mathematics ACH-Write Math On, and On, and On $979.86 11/05/20
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Stem ACH-Capture Life in Pictures $981.02 11/05/20
Meadowlawn Middle School Social Studies ACH-Online classroom success $500.00 11/05/20
Richard L Sanders Special Needs Students ACH- Promoting Positive Behavior $1,000.00 11/04/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH- Music for a Healthier School! $1,029.00 11/04/20
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Art ACH - Printing For All $945.00 11/04/20
Lealman Innovation Academy Other "ACH" "It Takes a Village" $1,773.00 11/03/20
Brooker Creek Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH $1,076.41 10/30/20
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Science ACH - Achieva Credit Union Grant Funds $1,000.00 10/29/20
Frontier Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Classroom reading encouragement $1,000.00 10/26/20
Palm Harbor University High School Social Studies ACH-textbooks $997.50 10/20/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. Go Bolts- Sensory Paths for Improved Academic Performance $1,100.00 10/16/20
Clearwater High School Other ACH - Technology for ESOL students $3,000.00 10/15/20
Bay Point Elementary School Language Arts GOOOOOO BOOLLTTS!! $2,310.00 10/15/20
Maximo Elementary School Stem Go Bolts- Zap Us into the Future! $1,925.90 10/14/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Technology ACH ipads - Apps instead of Naps- No Zzzzzzzs! $990.00 10/14/20
Eisenhower Elementary School Stem Go Bolts-Scoring in STEM and Diversity $2,480.27 10/12/20
Fuguitt Elementary School Technology Go Bolts- Learning with Technology $1,316.00 10/12/20
East Lake High School Other ACH-Technology for Covid and Beyond $880.00 10/12/20
East Lake High School Technology ACH-Drawing Tablets $1,000.00 10/12/20
High Point Elementary School Stem STEM exploration
funded grant
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Other ACH-Girlfriends of Thurgood Marshall Year of the Girl $950.00 10/10/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Health/P.E. Go Bolts- Border Barriers $2,299.00 10/09/20
Northeast High School Language Arts ACH-LoveReading $999.00 10/09/20
Richard L Sanders Language Arts Instructional/Teacher $790.00 10/08/20
PTC - St. Petersburg Campus Other ACH - Child Care Teacher Certification $1,700.00 10/08/20
Tarpon Springs Middle School Other ACH - SUPERPOWERED Resilience Skills $989.45 10/08/20
Palm Harbor University High School Science ACH-Exploring the World of Cells In the Digital Age $879.99 10/08/20
Mildred Helms Elementary School Language Arts ACH - IB Learner Profile Libraries $6,514.40 10/08/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Other ACH- Technology for Students $1,550.00 10/08/20
Lealman Innovation Academy Language Arts ACH- Let's keep Reading! $829.96 10/08/20
High Point Elementary School Mathematics ACH - 3rd Grade Innovators $997.00 10/08/20
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Stem Bee Bots Bolting $520.75 10/07/20
Seminole High School Music ACH- great kids that need help for band! $1,000.00 10/07/20
Skycrest Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Technology for Tykes $817.90 10/07/20
Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Other