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To increase Math for College Readiness students' financial knowledge in preparing students to be productive, financially aware citizens.

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Financial Fridays

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Spruce Creek High 
Vonda Morris 
Students Impacted:
July 31, 2017

0% Funded



Only $1,000.00 Needed


To increase Math for College Readiness students' financial knowledge in preparing students to be productive, financially aware citizens.  


What will be done with my students

1. Students will be given weekly financial tasks to complete in addition to the standards that must be covered for the MCR course.

2. Students will be responsible for keeping a portfolio (electronic or hard copy) with each task. For Financial Fridays, we will discuss topics: Financial decision making; Understanding a paystub (Who is FICA?); What is a tax bracket?; Completing an 1099 EZ; Budgeting (Cars, houses, stuff, oh my!); Savings; Consumer Awareness (credit and credit cards), and students will finish weekly portfolio work and submit at the end of the period.

3. Business partners will be invited to speak to students about being Financially Literate.

4. For completed, correct assignments, students will be given a ticket to have his/her name entered into the weekly Financial drawing of a $5 gift card, courtesy of Futures and our Futures' Partners, for which the student must be present to win. Maximum of five students a week (one per period (4) and then an overall (of those who didn't win) to keep things equitable for the four classes. Only one card per person per week.). If a student is absent, his/her ticket will be placed back into the container.

5. The hope is to award 50 students a quarter and advertise the weekly winners on the Math Bulletin Board. At the end of the quarter, all students' tickets who haven't won will be placed in a container for the remaining gift cards to be distributed up to the limit of 50. For example, if only eight weeks are in the quarter, and only 40 gift cards have been granted, then 10 names will be randomly drawn rewarding students for a job well done.  


Benefits to my students

1. Students receive an understanding of how finances work in the world around them, and how each student must consciously think about how his/her decisions influence finance.

2. Engage students by connecting in-class scenarios to the real world they live in.

3. Students become consumers using knowledge they have gained.  


Budget Narrative

see Steps 4 and 5 under "What will be done with the students". 



# Item Cost
1 $5 Gift cards from local businesses (qty. 200: 50 per quarter) $1,000.00
  Total: $1,000.00

0% Funded



Only $1,000.00 Needed


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