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My goal is to exhibit student art work in a creative way using neon paint and black lights.

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"Come GLOW with Me"

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Port Orange Elementary 
Margaret Williams 
Students Impacted:
September 6, 2017


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Cici & J. Hyatt Brown - $468.00

Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 400

Our culminating event, "Come GLOW with Me" was a huge success.  Each student was thrilled to have their fluorescent creature on display for our annual, “Celebrate the Arts” show.  In early spring, each student created their “glowing” insect for the presentation.  Kindergarten and first grade studied moths and butterflies as part of their research.  After choosing one or the other, they painted their insect using our new, neon paint.  Classroom teachers continued their research by ordering butterfly chrysalis for release around spring break.  Second and third graders had the opportunity to choose their own insect or arachnid and do the research in the art room.  This generated a lot of variety in our exhibit.  Finally, fourth and fifth grade used old plastic eggs, and ping pong balls to build a form for their paper mache bee.  We also folded recycled paper towel tubes to create cardboard hexagons.  After measuring and cutting out one-inch sections, we glued them together to construct a massive beehive.   As we neared the event, each class painted flowers, leaves and grass.  For two days, teachers and staff members hung bees, bugs and lights to create a magical, glowing garden.  On May 10th, over 300 students, parents and families attended the exhibit.  We even had a beekeeper from the Beekeepers of Volusia County come to our event.  The following day, our exhibit was left open for viewing to include all of the students who were unable to attend the night before.  The Port Orange Observer wrote an amazing article to celebrate our very talented students. 

grant photo

Painting our insects with

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Glowing Dress


grant photo

Bees up close

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Printing Beehive


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Glowing Garden

grant photo

Creating the Beehive


Original Grant Overview


My goal is to exhibit student art work in a creative way using neon paint and black lights.  


What will be done with my students

Each grade level will begin the project learning about “bugs.” After exploring the numerous insects outside our classrooms, intermediate students will research insects and arachnids in the media center to prepare for their art projects. The primary students will engage in group study, led in the art room, focusing on certain insect animal groups. After our research, each student will create an addition to our “Glow in the Dark” display, using neon paint, paper mache, recycled items and painted paper. In the spring, our media center will be transformed into a “Glow in the Dark” installation, as part of our annual, Celebrate the Arts event.  


Benefits to my students

Artists who spend a considerable amount of time studying their subjects have greater authenticity and emotion in their work. The students will also practice research skills and have an opportunity for “choice” in their creations. Because each student will be contributing to our display, every child will gain a sense of pride in our installation. 


Budget Narrative

The neon paint and construction paper can be purchased and used in various projects throughout the year. The “black lights” will become a permanent resource to be used year after year. I plan to make this event an annual exhibit with a new theme each Spring. 



# Item Cost
1 Assorted Blacklight Reactive Fluorescent Tempera Paints 4 sets @ $49.95 each $199.80
2 Black lights 6 @ $19.99 each $119.94
3 Construction paper 21 @ 3.95 each assorted colors $82.95
4 Black banner paper 1 roll $65.00
  Total: $468.00


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Cici & Hyatt Brown