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To have the supplies available to allow students to design, model and ultimately print their creations on our school's existing 3-D printer.

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3-D Materials and Supplies

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Taylor Middle-High 
Jonathan Herstein 
Students Impacted:
August 13, 2017


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Licence for Learning Auto Tag - $538.00

Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 20

We meet every Wednesday During lunch. Students are using not only the 3D builder program, but Inventor as well. Today I placed the order for clay, calipers, and filament. We will be fully stocked and ready when the students return from winter break. The science department has asked us to create some animal skulls for use in their classrooms. These are not easy to accomplish. Students are currentlly learning about ratios which will come in handy for this project. The addition of Inventor for use will help design more intricate details. they are learning about this program now. For most of these students, ours is the first 3D printer they have seen. For most, this is the first time they have used a program to design for building. It is appropriate at this time of year that a student has asked to make a Christmas tree. Attached is his first attemt before the supports were removed. More pictures will be posted on Twitter as he cleans it, and paints it. the other is an example that not all goes well. No one is perfect, not even machines. We won't leave anything to print overnight anymore.

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Christmas tree

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Original Grant Overview


To have the supplies available to allow students to design, model and ultimately print their creations on our school's existing 3-D printer. 


What will be done with my students

Students will learn the industry process involved in the 3-D printing of objects. Students will first learn how to use the 3-D printer as well as Inventor software used to design 3-D printed objects. When we first begin, students will be given already created items that will need to be accurately measured, They will then input those measurements into Inventor, then the item will be printed. Upon mastery of this process, students will be allowed to imagine their own creations. They will need to first do a clay representation, then they will input the data, then finally print their object. 


Benefits to my students

T. Dewitt Taylor Middle/High school has one 3-D printer. Many in our population have no access to technology, much less internet outside the walls of our school. While this program will be geared toward 7th grade, the grade I teach, my hope is there will be full grade level involvement. Introducing our students to this technology is a must. Many schools have already entered STEM specific curriculums, we have to move quickly for our students' sake to bring them up to this level as soon as possible. I believe with the proper supplies, by the 2018-2019, Taylor will be able to use our 3-D printed capabilities to use in class STEM activities, Science Olympiad needed parts, and possibly Arts Olympiad entries based on the artistic abilities of many of our students. 


Budget Narrative

Dremel Brand Filament - $29
Dial Caliper - $21
Modeling Clay - $17/lb 



# Item Cost
1 12 - Dremel Brand Filament Roll $348.00
2 5 - Dial Caliper $105.00
3 5 lb. - Modeling Clay $85.00
  Total: $538.00


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FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools

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