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Students will strengthen their STEM skills while using Marble Run and KIVA building sets. They will also increase their interpersonal skills while working together to solve problems.

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Building Up Kindergarten STEM Students

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Spruce Creek Elementary 
Karen Weinrich 
Students Impacted:
June 21, 2017


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


DUKE Energy Foundation - $998.00



Students will strengthen their STEM skills while using Marble Run and KIVA building sets. They will also increase their interpersonal skills while working together to solve problems.  


What will be done with my students

Kindergarten children are natural builders and they learn through exploration and play. One of the major science topics taught in Kindergarten is force and motion, and this is best taught through hands-on activities, where children learn through trial and error. Currently, the 6 Kindergarten teachers at SCES have limited manipulatives that can be used to teach this concept.

The force and motion unit provides a perfect opportunity to integrate math and engineering skills as well. This grant seeks to purchase two different types of building materials: marble run and KIVA building pieces. Students will use these kits to explore motion of objects, changes in force and motion, and gravity. When designing their structures, they will enhance their engineering and math skills as well.

When using marble run, students work together to create a structure in which a marble will travel from top to bottom. While this sounds simple, it takes working together and learning from mistakes to complete one. Then they tear it down and try a different way. The kits for purchase include a large variety of pieces that can be used to create many different structures.

Once students have successfully created a marble run, KIVA building pieces are the next logical step. Now they not only have to create a structure that carries a marble from top to bottom, but they also have to use the wooden pieces to create it. This is much more challenging and will require perseverance and cooperation to complete.

Both sets are sturdy and will be used year after year, benefiting not just the current students, but future students as well.


Benefits to my students

All 120 Kindergarteners at Spruce Creek Elementary will increase their STEM skills while using these kits to explore the concepts of force and motion. Teachers will evaluate the effectiveness through observation. Kindergarteners do not take "tests," but are instead evaluated through one-on-one interaction with the teacher and observation of student work.  


Budget Narrative

This budget request asks for multiple sets so that it can be used in a whole group lesson. After the teacher presents the lesson, students can work together in 6 small groups (approx 3 children per group) to create structures. Multiple sets are necessary because the sets are designed for small groups of children. These sets will be rotated to the six different Kindergarten classes so that all children have the opportunity to participate and learn.  



# Item Cost
1 Mindware Mega Marble Run x 6 $419.70
2 KIVA contraptions plank set x 6 $317.94
3 KIVA Structures x 2 $259.90
  Total: $998.00


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