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To motivate positive behavior and academic gains of High School level Title 1 ESE students being served in an ESE Center based setting through the provision of a celebratory carnival.

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Duke Power4Students Project - Positive Behavior Intervention and Academic Supports Carnival

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Calvin A. Hunsinger 
Special Needs Students 
Janet Cunningham 
Sylvie Pecori 
Students Impacted:
April 11, 2018

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Only $875.00 Needed



To motivate positive behavior and academic gains of High School level Title 1 ESE students being served in an ESE Center based setting through the provision of a celebratory carnival. 


What will be done with my students

Special Needs High School students will be able to experience the enjoyment of attending a celebratory carnival. The carnival will be held on school grounds, providing a safe location for our students to celebrate their successes and motivate them to put in extra effort to be able to end the year on a high note, both academically and behaviorally.

The students have been earning incentive tickets for academic, social and behavioral gains. Student data is tracked daily using a Daily Point Card system and associated level system. Students have shown additional motivation toward success since the implementation of the incentive tickets and aspect of attending a school carnival was initiated at the end of the third grading period.



Benefits to my students

Many of the ESE students have never had the opportunity to experience a carnival due to the high ratio of low income students. Providing the students with the opportunity to attend this type of incentive will motivate them to be more successful both behaviorally and academically.

The students will be able to participate in the celebratory carnival through a leveled system related to their earning of tickets. Positive Behavior Reinforcement Supports improve behavior as well as motivate the students to be more engaged academically. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a set of research-based strategies used to increase quality of life while decreasing problem behavior by teaching new skills and making changes within a person's environment.

Utilizing earned tickets as both an incentive for academic gains in class as well as helping our ESE students to build the skills necessary to actively participate in and attempt all aspects of end of year testing required for High School graduation is the benefit of the celebratory carnival. Historically, there have been difficulties in motivating our ESE center based students to comply with the required testing that occurs at the end of the year. Students often have little buy-in and do not respond positively to "standardized" testing windows. Providing the students with a leveled reward system which prompts and motivates the students to attempt each aspect of required testing will help the students to build their stamina as well as their self confidence related to testing.



Describe the Students

All students are ESE. Students are Emotional-Behavioral Disorders, Other Health Impaired, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and/or School Based Mental Health.

100% free and reduced lunch, Title 1 School.

Students tend to be low performers in the traditional schools. Low class ratio, behavior management, social skills training infused throughout the day and case management assist the students in showing gains.  


Budget Narrative

The items listed will help the staff to build the basis of a carnival. Staff will create games, run booths and assist the students with the obstacle course. The dunk tank will be manned by either our assistant principal to show the ESE students her support of their accomplishments. Carnival type foods such as corn dogs, cotton candy, nachos and popcorn will be served. Students will have the opportunity to participate in games and win small prizes which will encourage them to attempt new skills. Face painting services will be provided by our art teacher to the students and photos will be provided for them to remember the day as a highlight and motivator. 



# Item Cost
1 Dunk Tank Rental $200.00
2 Food and concessions $200.00
3 Prizes $150.00
4 Face Paint $25.00
5 Photo Booth Supplies $50.00
6 Obstacle Course Rental $250.00
  Total: $875.00

0% Funded



Only $875.00 Needed



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